Astoria is used to help people browse the dark webs without being noticed by the NSA or other government groups. In the series, ASTORIA is the actual name of a covert government operation that was established to locate those who try to use Onion Routers to do dark deeds (TOR agents). Astoria would of course, be composed of computer experts who were recruited using an extremely elaborate system, which leads us to the other aspect of Internet Shadow agencies
THE DARK WEB aka the DEEP WEB – It is said huge secret area of the internet is fueled by criminal enterprise (over 80 percent in fact). This part of the internet is known as the DARK WEB or the DEEP WEB. Here, you can get anything from a sex slave to illegal drugs via the use of bit coins. In ASTROIA 2.0, our TOR Agents will seek out, find and manage to incarcerate many of the people who commit crimes using the internet to fuel their covert ops.